Top PIN Tuesday

I have enjoyed sporadically participating in Top Ten Tuesday link-ups in the past, but I always seem to struggle for things to write about. I can come up with a list of, say, four things that I really love or that are good tips or that I want to accomplish before I’m 30 or whatever else … but sometimes I just have a hard time making a full list, which leads to me wasting time typing up my incomplete list and frustration that I have to ditch my post.

But last week I had a bright idea: Why not start a “Top Pin Tuesday” to share some of my favorite Pinterest finds from the past week? I pin a good bit, so this should be fairly easy, and it could also serve as a way for me to prioritize some of the recipes and craft projects I most want to try. I could have a theme some weeks, and for other weeks, I could just post my ten favorite overall.

So here it goes: In no particular order, these are my 10 favorite pins from the past week.

  1. Sweet Home Alabama sign from AceAvenue’s etsy shop, made from reclaimed tornado wood in Tuscaloosa. I’m sure most people who read this know that I live in Tuscaloosa and have for quite some time. The tornado happened three weeks after Noah was born and ripped through the heart of the city. Things will never be the same here. I’m happy to see someone making art and beauty out of the destruction that happened. Pinned in “For the Home.”
  2. Green Philanthropist Tote from Apolis Global Citizen. This is one of those sort of wish list items because it costs almost $300. I don’t have $300 to spend on a purse, but a girl can dream — and be on the lookout for a rip-off at Target. Pinned in “My Style.”
  3. Children’s Menagerie Chair and Table Set from Paloma’s Nest. I actually like this enough that I may talk to Bobby about saving up for it to put in Noah’s room in a few years. It’s seriously beautiful, and what kid wouldn’t love sitting on an elephant or a gorilla? Pinned in “For the kiddo.”
  4. Elephant print pocket diaper from killcupcake’s etsy shop. I’m resisting the urge to buy more diapers for Noah because he doesn’t necessarily need them, but if I do spring for a new one, this one’s at the top of my list. I have a thing for elephants (Roll Tide!), so this is right up my alley. Pinned in “For the kiddo.”
  5. The best tomato soup and grilled cheese from Everyday Occasions. I’m a sucker for a good tomato soup and grilled cheese, so this was a no-brainer. Pinned in “Food Stuffs.”
  6. Olive Garden’s alfredo sauce recipe, from Olive Garden. I can’t even believe they actually have this recipe posted on their website, but I plan to try this soon. Maybe even this week. I often whip up a quick alfredo and veggie pasta when I want something quick and easy for dinner, but it’s never as good as the sauce at OG. Pinned in “Food Stuffs.”
  7. Beer Belly from fuzzirella’s Flickr stream. Probably particularly hilarious to those of us who constantly have babies on the brain. Pinned in “It Made Me Laugh.”
  8. Let Me Mullet Over from pinned from Reddit (original source unknown). Just click through. Trust me. Pinned in “It Made Me Laugh.”
  9. Orange and Brown Floral Chair from Target. I’m sort of constantly on the lookout for another chair to go in our living room, with its Robin’s Egg Blue walls and orangeish leather couches. This one would be great, and it’s a steal at $179.99. Pinned in “LIVE Here.”
  10. Caramel Apple Cookies from This Homemade Life. I love fall recipes, and since Bobby doesn’t care for pumpkin but loves apple, I try to stick to mostly apple stuff. Can’t wait to try these! Pinned in “Just Desserts.”
So there’s the inaugural Top Pin Tuesday. Do you want to join in? Let me know! I’d love to start a link-up to other folks’ favorites … more to pin!
Linking up today with Oh Amanda‘s Top Ten {Tuesdays}.

Top Ten {Tuesday}


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