Working with Style

I’m really excited to be linking up with Beth Anne of Heir to Blair at Liberating Working Moms for this Working with Style post. I saw her mention this on Twitter at some point this week, and I knew I wanted to join in.

I’m only about six months in on this motherhood thing, and only 4.5 months into the working mom aspect of it (and to clarify, that’s working outside the home … mad props to those mamas who stay at home!). We are still working on our morning routine, and at this age there’s definitely still a lot of going with the flow because Noah’s eating and sleeping schedule still changes from time to time. And then there’s the whole teething thing …

Like Beth Anne, I’m in a public relations role, so I usually need to look fairly nice on the job. If I know I’m just going to be in the office, I’ll usually just wear slacks, a nice shirt and maybe a cardigan. I’ll throw a jacket into the mix if I have an important meeting. And I wore my fair share of skirts and dresses over the summer, but I’m leaning more toward pants now that cooler fall weather is here.

The challenge I find with my style is that I’ve somehow gotten into this rut of buying really basic pieces on sale, and my wardrobe tends to be a little boring. I have a few colorful scarves that I wear, but I could really use some different accessories and shoes to liven things up and also a few “statement” pieces to add to the mix. But for now I’m making due with what I have, adding stuff here and there.

I only got a couple of pictures this week, but here’s a little glimpse into my work wardrobe. I’m bummed that I forgot to take a picture of my favorite outfit from the week (tan wide-leg trousers w/ a pinstripe, a white T-shirt and a blue, yellow and gold infinity scarf). But here’s what I did get!


Pardon the mess in our guest bedroom in that first photo. The pants and sweater are from Lane Bryant (both purchased on clearance), the tank is from Old Navy, and I have no idea where the shoes were from. In the second photo, I’m wearing Lane Bryant pants and tank and Old Navy cardigan and scarf. And, yes, that is in the bathroom at work.


4 responses to “Working with Style

  1. I have a lot of just basic, classic pieces too. I agree, sometimes it can get boring so I love spicing the outfits up with fun necklaces or scarves too! I love your orange scarf!

  2. Thanks, Katherine! That scarf is one of my favorites!

  3. I so dig the scarf too! I need more of those. I end up wearing the same one all fall.

  4. Im loving fun statement necklaces to dress up boring tees! Even if your entire outfit is kind of blah a fun scarf or necklace will add some fun to it…..oh, and so will super fun shoes! But I still havent branched out into the scarf world yet, I need to get on board.

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