Top PIN Tuesday: Food and funnies (mostly)

Starting my second week of Top Pin Tuesday and realizing that I didn’t pin a ton last week, but thankfully I’m pretty selective about what I do pin, so I have some quality ones to share and was able to weed out a few that weren’t quite as exciting.

Here are my 10 favorite Pinterest pins from the past week, in no particular order (text links to pin, photos link to original source):

  1. Dinosaur Party, pinned on One. Maybe I’m crazy, but I’m already at least giving some thought to Noah’s first birthday party. I know we have to get through Christmas first, so I’m not planning hardcore, but I am starting to look at themes. I’m leaning toward a dinosaur theme, since we call him our little pterodactyl (because of the screechy noises he makes sometimes).
  2. Frederick Douglass quote, pinned on For the kiddo. The quote reads, “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” It’s just so true and a good reminder to love, support and encourage our boy every step of the way.
  3. Tuscan pasta with tomato-basil cream sauce, pinned on Food Stuffs. Just looking at that picture makes me want to cram this into my face right. now. I have crazy love for good pasta.
  4. Soup recipes, pinned on Food Stuffs. Fall is coming quickly, and I enjoy a good soup. Good enough reason for a pin!
  5. Beer Chili, pinned on Food Stuffs. I knew when I saw this one that it would earn me brownie points with my husband, who would probably eat chili once a week during the fall. I like it, too, and this recipe looks AMAZING.
  6. T-Rex Hates Push-ups, pinned on It Made Me Laugh. It did make me laugh. Not quite as much as this pin from a few months ago, but still funny. I think I might have a dinosaur fetish…
  7. There are cookies you don’t even know about, pinned on It Made Me Laugh. A classic from Jill at Baby Rabies. I don’t have toddlers yet, but I will someday. And there WILL be secret cookies.
  8. I may not be perfect, but parts of me are pretty awesome, pinned on I – I – I like it.
  9. Healthy is the New Skinny, pinned on I – I – I Like It. A plus-size model posed nude in a recent episode of O magazine with a Barbie doll and marks on her body where she would have to have flesh removed in order to actually be shaped like Barbie. You can see in the photo that this girl is absolutely gorgeous, and the idea of changing her body so much to meet some unattainable beauty standard is ridiculous.
  10. White Chocolate Brownies, pinned on Just Desserts. Uh, yum. That is all.

Linking up today with Oh Amanda‘s Top Ten {Tuesday}.

Top Ten {Tuesday}


4 responses to “Top PIN Tuesday: Food and funnies (mostly)

  1. loving dinosaurs too! well, Ryder is haha! We are planning a dino party for his fourth bday. Ive pinned some awesome huge dino bones, you should check them out, they are amazing!

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