Making adjustments to make the most out of life

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Us at arboretum - With watermark

Me, Bobby and Noah on a walk to our local arboretum.

As a new mom, I’ve given a lot of consideration to what adjustments my everyday routine needed for me making it to work on time in the morning, having time with Noah  and Bobby, being able to do things I enjoy like cooking and blogging and also having some time to relax. Here’s some advice I’ve found helpful during this transition period.

If you can do it in advance, don’t put it off until you are running late. My friend Lauren gave me a version of this advice a few months ago when we were talking about finding time to work out, and it’s really very good. The days I feel most relaxed and like I have the most time, especially in the mornings, are the ones where I took 30 minutes the night before to do diaper laundry (Noah’s in cloth diapers), pack his diaper bag for daycare and pack my lunch. This also helps me not to forget stuff. Considering that nine times out of ten the “stuff” is my lunch, this makes for much happier days at work.

Don’t waste time doing things you don’t love. Boy, that’s a tough one. I’m terrible at saying no, and I hate confrontation. But there are not enough hours in the day for me to get involved with every project and every idea and every whatever-else comes my way. I’ve also made a pact with myself when it comes to my blogging: When writing starts to feel like a chore I just. don’t. do. it. I can come back to it later, and I always do come back to it — glad that I’ve given myself permission to step away.

Over the Shoulder - with watermark

Bobby and Noah, headed toward the swings.

Take time to just be. Sometimes the best days are the ones where you have no plans, where you let the dirty dishes stay in the sink, where you set out in the car with no particular place in mind. The dishes will wait, and the memories you make may be invaluable. One Saturday Bobby and I went on a mission to find a park with a swingset for Noah, and it turned into one of the most fun outings we’ve had to-date.

I hope you’ve found something helpful here, even if you aren’t a mom. If you’re interested in some more advice, you can check out where I offered my unsolicited advice from a first-time mom, or you can read what some of my friends had to say in my recent Hit the Ground Running Series.

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13 responses to “Making adjustments to make the most out of life

  1. Great advice, Misty! I’ve been putting off finding a swing set that has swings for my baby. You’ve inspired me to make time so it can happen soon!

  2. Good advice! I’m a terrible procrastinator, but have gotten a bit better at packing up our stuff at night instead of running around our house when we’re late in the AM.

  3. Good advice Misty! I always try to do the worst thing on my to-do list, first. But sometimes, that doesn’t work out!
    Have you tried the playground at Verner?

    • Oooh, no, we haven’t tried Verner. We have a friend who works there, so I may ask him what they have. Snow Hinton is next on our list!

  4. Love the advice. I need to take some of it. Hope things are going well for y’all.

  5. Verner is awesome for little kids who are able to climb, but if you’re looking for baby swings, Snow Hinton is fine. I don’t like SH because of the SAND.

  6. Thanks for the food for thought. I have really been struggling with trying to get my life together since becoming a New Mommy. It seems like there is never any time. We need to make it a priority to “just be.” 🙂

  7. Well Said! I at times still struggle with the advice you wrote about! Thanks for the reminder! 🙂

  8. Good thoughts and a reminder to take time to enjoy my little one instead of doing so much house work 😉

  9. Great post! Thanks for visiting my blog too! Enjoy your sweetie! Also, visit me here: Best!

    • I checked out your Support Table for Two site. Great cause! I never had to deal with that because I couldn’t continue BFing (I wrote an incredibly lengthy post on this last week if you want to read my story), but I know a lot of women who have a terrible time finding a place to pump at work. I think your bathroom photos are a great idea — provocative, in a good way, IMO.

  10. Those are come great tips. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  11. Great tips! All very true.

    And I LOVE Tervis tumblers!

    Thanks for stopping by and making my SITS day so special!

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