Working with Style 2

I had a lot of fun last week getting together my post to link up with Liberating Working MomsWorking with Style linky, so I knew I wanted to do it again this week. Be sure to stop by and check out Krista‘s post!

In last week’s post, I mentioned that I’ve been a little unhappy with the amount of frump I’ve had in my daily wardrobe since becoming a mom. But knowing I was going to be putting all of my outfits on display on my blog gave me some incentive to be more creative. And I realized that even though I do have a lot of basic pieces, I also have some really fun pieces to wear, especially now that the weather’s gotten a bit cooler.

The challenge as a working mom, I think is making sure I don’t let myself get into a pattern of only grabbing basic pieces out of my closet because I’m in a rush and they are easy. But it’s thoughtless, and it doesn’t portray the type of person I am. As we’re getting more used to our daily routine, I think this will become easier and easier.

Onto the clothes!


Top and pants are both from Lane Bryant. I bought this top after I had Noah because I wanted something that wasn’t black or gray.


These are some of my absolute favorite work pants. They are from Lane Bryant. I got the top last weekend at Old Navy during the megasale (It was only $4.48!). The tank is a maternity tank (yeah, I know, but I like the length).


The sweater is from Target, tank from Old Navy and pants from Lane Bryant.


This sweater is from Old Navy, and I hesitated about wearing it. My post-baby bod is so different that I was a little afraid of the horizontal stripes, but I think it actually looked pretty cute. Tank is another maternity tank (Liz Lange from Target), and the pants were $.50 at a salvage store (possibly the best bargain buy I’ve ever found).

Casual Friday

This was my casual Friday outfit. I got the jeans on sale for $9.98 at Old Navy last weekend. I was thrilled! I’d been on the lookout for a good pair of trouser jeans for a while, and these are great. The sweater is from Target, and the tank is also from Old Navy.

So that’s my week in outfits!


9 responses to “Working with Style 2

  1. Nice! I love it! You’re so right. Since this series started, I give a lot of thought to what I’m wearing because I’ve gotta come up with SOMETHING to post for Saturday. I need to do a daily post too!

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. I think my favorite one might be that stripey sweater you weren’t sure about…nice choice! 🙂 I love Old Navy for semi-casual, but still nice sweaters!

    And don’t feel bad about wearing maternity camis…I still do it 4 years later! 🙂 I agree with you…it’s all about the length of them!

  3. Love the stripes! I’m curvy too and was reluctant…but now I can’t get enough of them. And you speak my language: Old Navy and Target. Love it!

  4. You know what? That horizontal stripe on you is my FAVOURITE!
    You do a much better job than me at the purchasing of patterns…I’ve only recently realized I have far too many solids. Booo!

    I echo everyone with the fact that I think more about what I’m wearing since I’m going to lay claim to it later in the week:) Well done!

  5. I love the polka dot top and the stripe top! Both are really flattering. I own nothing but solid colors that I layer with more solid colors – and by solid colors I mean black and black and black and black. But your polka dots have inspired me!

  6. Thanks, Ladies! I love the affirmation about the striped sweater … maybe now that’ll make it into my regular rotation!

  7. YES! Seconding the patterns talk. I try to get more to spice it up. That being said, I LOVE that target sweater with the ruffle. Made me remember that I need to buy more cardigans and find tanks on the cheap somewhere out of season. New go to outfit for me 🙂 Keep rockin mama!

  8. I love that striped top! You look great. And I love the comment about wanting something that wasn’t black or grey. I could have written that sentence. I don’t know why I’m so scared of color… and patterns.

  9. Gotta agree about the striped sweater. It’s great! My favorite. And thanks for the self-portraits. I couldn’t get it together to have someone take my photo this week, and you inspired me to link up anyway! 🙂

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