First of what hopefully won’t be many …

Well, we hit a milestone with Noah this weekend I would have just as soon put off until much later. At least it’s out of the way?

Around 3 a.m. Sunday morning, I heard Noah whining through the monitor. Usually we will let him cry for a minute, and he goes right back to sleep, but after a couple of minutes, I decided that wouldn’t be the case this time.

I went into his room and patted him on the bottom, which is how we typically get him back to sleep in instances like this when he’s unable to soothe himself. Still crying, so I thought maybe he’d wet through his diaper.

I picked him up, and he was soaked … from sweat. He was burning up, and his breathing sounded really shallow and labored. It was more than a little scary. I turned on the lights, and his poor little eyes looked dull and a little swollen. I got Bobby up, and we stripped him out of his fleece sleeper and got a cool washcloth to try and cool him down. When we checked his temperature it was 102.8, so we made the call to go on to the emergency room.

Strangely I think I was a little calmer than Bobby about all this. He zoomed to the hospital, which is thankfully just a few minutes from our house, while I sat in the back with Noah.

We got to the ER around 3:30, and the nurses checked us in and sent us straight back to triage. They didn’t mess around with a baby with a high fever, and I was really thankful for it. His temp was up slightly to 102.9 at the hospital, so they went ahead and gave him some baby tylenol to start bringing it down. We waited a few minutes in the triage area before being escorted to a room.

The wait in the room was surprisingly short given our past experiences at this particular hospital, but again, they apparently don’t mess around when a baby’s involved. The doctor looked him over and let us know that he had an ear infection in one ear, fluid behind his eardrum (but no infection) in the other ear, an upper respiratory infection and a yeast infection in his diaper area.

Even though it ended up being nothing major, Bobby and I agreed that we were glad we went ahead to the hospital. Feeling Noah burning up and hearing his strained breathing in the dark of the 3 a.m. hour was really frightening for both of us, but we made a quick decision and took action. We’re actually growing into this whole parenting thing, I think.

Here are a few videos we took while we were waiting for the doctor. Just further proof that we have a great kid whose happy even when he’s sick and running a crazy high temp.

We ended up making it home around 6, and Noah got back up at 7, so yesterday was pretty much a sleep-deprived blur. We all got some good rest last night, though, and Noah is feeling better today!


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