Working with Style: Bits and pieces

For my Working with Style post this week, I just wanted to highlight a few of my favorite things I wore.

Fave scarf

This is my all-time favorite scarf, from Old Navy. I love the bright colors, and it’s great for bringing a little excitement to an otherwise sort of boring outfit.

Blue hoodie outfit

Like I said last week, these are some of my favorite work/dressy pants. I like playing around with combining sort of casual items like this cotton hoodie with more business-y items like the pants. I can’t get away with wearing jeans to work (except on Fridays), so this is a good compromise in my mind. The pants are Lane Bryant, and the hoodie and tank are from Old Navy. I’m also wearing the mother-child pendant Bobby gave me for my birthday earlier this year.

Ruffled Shirt

I have to be pretty picky about my button-up blouses, but I really like this one a lot. I like the ruffle and the stripe (which is sort of hard to see in this photo), and I like how lightweight the material is. Another comfy bit of workwear!

I’m linking up today with Liberating Working Moms for Working with Style!


3 responses to “Working with Style: Bits and pieces

  1. Tracy @ Liberating Working Moms

    Love the scarf! And so glad you linked up again 🙂

  2. Oooo, I DO love that scarf! WIN!

  3. Winning scarf AND winning scarf wearing with the funky braid. Loving it!

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