SOC Sunday: On the J&J debacle


After taking a hiatus for a few weeks, I’m back in the game of Stream of Consciousness Sunday, hosted by All Things Fadra.

I decided to narrow my focus to a specific topic I felt strongly about this time, and I think the result was much less scattered than my last attempt at doing this. I’m ranting a bit about the recent goings-on with Johnson & Johnson baby products. Feel free to weigh in with your thoughts!


I’ve been using Johnson & Johnson products for Noah since he was born, and I’m PISSED.

Pissed might be an understatement. This company that is supposedly one of the most trusted brands in America has been allowing carcinogens into some of its baby products.

Baby bath Johnson & Johnson

Bath time at the Mathews household

Yeah, carcinogens. As in cancer-causing agents. As in, why don’t I just let my 7-month-old light up a cigarette and get it over with?

Maybe that’s an extreme analogy, but what J&J has done here is pretty unfair. I never suspected I would need to analyze and agonize over a decision on what to use to wash my baby’s hair, but apparently that’s what I should have done. Now I have a shelf half-full of J&J shampoos and body washes in my bathroom closet that I’ll never use.

The worst part about this is that the company knew its products had these ingredients in them but didn’t change it. Big mistake in my opinion. I have quite a few J&J items that are not affected by this (and it’s not even a recall, which is what I almost typed), but I plan not to use any of them.

My family has used Johnson & Johnson baby products for years, but I’m about to break that tradition. As a friend of mine pointed out earlier today, “It’s the baby-smell brand!”

Well, I guess my baby can just smell like something else. I will be shelling out a little more money to get something natural that won’t potentially endanger my kid needlessly.

Shame on you, Johnson & Johnson, for betraying the trust of an American public that apparently trusted you.


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8 responses to “SOC Sunday: On the J&J debacle

  1. Oh wow. This is scary and an EPIC FAIL. Thanks for sharing and hope you get used to your baby’s new smell

  2. I just heard about the J&J debacle last week and like you was shocked. I can’t believe this info is only now coming out.

  3. I was upset too. The stupid bottle even says “pediatrician recommended.” Reminded me that I need to be careful about labels.

    • I actually noticed that this morning when I was looking through some of the items I have, and it made my blood start to boil again!

  4. Oh, I haven’t even heard about this! I guess now that I’m out of the baby phase I don’t think about it too much. Although I’m now wondering if the cheap Suave kids shampoo is something I should worry about!

    • Yeah, I still need to return this stuff and get something else. Supposedly I can call J&J and get a free coupon for their Naturals line, but I just don’t really want to use their products at all!

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