And that’s why you shouldn’t order LivingSocial deals on your phone. While you’re driving.

The other morning I logged into my LivingSocial account to check whether I could load a Whole Foods voucher I previously purchased to my phone to use in the store. I’m not one of those folks who logs into LS daily because the temptation to buy deals for stuff I don’t really need — because it’s such a GOOD DEAL — would be too great.

When I logged in, I noticed that the daily deal was for a cigar shop in Birmingham, which is about 45 minutes from us. I’d bought Bobby a similar voucher in March, and he loved it, so I toyed with the idea of shelling out the $16 for $40 in store credit. I decided against it and sort of congratulated myself for being frugal and not spending money on something we didn’t need. Our washing machine stopped working recently, so we need to save every bit we can to go toward a new one.

I got the Whole Foods voucher squared away on my phone, and we moseyed on over to the store, also in Birmingham. We picked up a couple of thick boneless ribeyes to grill for the LSU-Bama game at the Jimenezes, one set of Noah’s godparents.

As we were pulling out of the parking lot, I casually mentioned the cigar deal to Bobby and asked if he wanted me to buy it for him. I guess I’d been thinking about it, and it was a really nice thing to do for him — and it was only $16 for a $40 voucher, after all.

He was definitely on board with me purchasing the voucher, so I told him I would just order it on my new LivingSocial app on my Droid phone.

I opened up the app as we sat waiting at the red light in front of Whole Foods. So convenient! I clicked the button to order the deal as the light changed.

As our car inched forward in traffic, I noticed that another window had popped up. “Did you know that you can buy more than one of this deal?”

Well, no, I hadn’t known that, and I was not interested. Forty bucks to spend on cigar’s was more than enough for Bobby, thank you very much.

So, as I glanced back up at the light to make sure I would be able to make it, I pressed the “No Thanks” button. Which was right above the “Buy Another” button.

I’m sure you can guess what happened here.

“Dammit!” I said. Bobby raised his eyebrows, and I pulled into the intersection. “I just ordered two of the damn thing!”

He started laughing as I explained what had happened. To say he was thrilled might be an understatement, and he has gone on and on the past few days about how he has $80 to spend on cigars.

So I learned two lessons Saturday. First, doing something generous for your husband may really be a better choice than being frugal, at least sometimes. And second: Don’t LivingSocial and drive.


2 responses to “And that’s why you shouldn’t order LivingSocial deals on your phone. While you’re driving.

  1. i really enjoy that it worked out well for me. 😀

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