Working with Style: New shoes!

So a few weeks ago, no joke, Bobby told me he thought I should spend more money on shoes. Every woman’s dream, right?

Not quite as exciting when you know that he was saying I should buy better-quality shoes rather than cheap pairs that only last me six months to a year. I’ve had this pair of red Clarks for probably at least six or eight years, and they are my all-time favorite. So I was totally stoked when I found a deal on Plum District for an voucher and then found a pair of Clarks that I liked and that were in my price range.

So without further ado, my new shoes:

I don’t love them yet, but I really like them a lot. They are going to take a bit more breaking in, but I think they will end up being very comfy. And they are well-made and sturdy. The color listed on the website was burgundy, though they have a bit more brown in them than I expected.

Here’s the last pair of shoes I bought. They are from Target (I think Mossimo?), and I’ve had them since April. The heels are already starting to wear out, and even though I love these shoes, they probably don’t have all that much more life left in them:

And just for a little more fun, here’s my favorite outfit for this week. I like the oversized cardigan sweater. There’s something a little 80s about it. Hopefully in a good way! I think so anyway!

The stripey shirt and cardigan are from Old Navy, pink tank from Target.

As always, I’m linking up at Liberating Working Moms for the Working with Style post. Be sure to stop by there and check out Brandee‘s cute leggings!


4 responses to “Working with Style: New shoes!

  1. Cute new shoes!

  2. Tracy @Liberating Working Moms

    Dig the cardigan and stripey shirt! And yay for new shoes! I bought myself a pair of boots this weekend. Can’t wait to show them off the next time I host Working With Style 🙂

    • I will definitely be on the lookout for the snazzy new boots! I have a terrible time finding boots that will fit over my big calves!

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