Of random anxiety attacks (and facing them down)

I was driving today to drop off shoes I collected for Soles4Souls to help out All Things Fadra. I thought I was going to have to drive three hours to Wadley, Ala., which is in the middle of BFN, but thankfully it turned out that I was able to drop them in Birmingham, which is a little less than an hour from our house.

For some reason I felt a ton of anxiety about going. Maybe it was because I was venturing out by myself for this long (thankfully it turned out to be not-so-long) trip, something I really haven’t done since I traveled alone with Noah after my dad passed away. Regardless of the reason, anxiety hit big time.

I was driving along on the interstate when I started thinking about what would happen if I got into an accident. Those thoughts quickly led to thinking about dying and not being able to see Noah grow up.

But here’s what was different today from the past seven months or so: I saw what was happening, and I literally said, “NO. I am not going to do this.”

And I didn’t. It was a big victory, and I’m proud of myself.


2 responses to “Of random anxiety attacks (and facing them down)

  1. That’s so great that you were able to call that anxiety out! Im proud of you too!

  2. Hey! Great story and glad you were able to say Heck NO! I had to do the same thing this week.

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