Working with Style: It’s getting cooler!

I love when the weather finally gets cool enough for scarves, coats and hats!

green Old Navy jacket, coat

This is one of my favorite recent purchases. I was pretty much in desperate need of a new winter coat, so this fit the bill great. I love Old Navy pea coats!

I tend to suddenly get better at accessorizing when late fall/winter rolls around because I LOVE scarves. I’m also sharing this week about my favorite way to tie a scarf that’s a little different from the norm (see the video below).

Ecuadorian necklace

I actually can’t remember the last time I wore a necklace other than the mother-child pendant Bobby gave me for my last birthday. But I put on this outfit, and it was total dullsville, so I scavenged my jewelry dish to see if I could find something that would look OK with it. Normally I would’ve just let it go and look a little boring, but since I started linking to the Working with Style posts on Saturdays, I actually challenge myself to look at least a little better!

And here’s the aforementioned how-to-tie-a-scarf vlog/tutorial. I don’t really expect you all to run out and start wearing your scarves like this (I think maybe it sounds like that at the end!), but I love wearing my scarves like this and just wanted to share!

Be sure to stop by Liberating Working Moms to check out Katherine’s super-cute outfit for this week! You can link up there, too, if you’d like!


12 responses to “Working with Style: It’s getting cooler!

  1. Cute! I’m gonna try that for work.

    xo, MEL

  2. I have that coat in orange 🙂 I’m totally going to try that scarf trick. I’m so bad at scarves.

  3. Ok…#1…you’re freaking adorable! I love your disclaimers at the beginning of your VLOG. #2…A warm, dressy-ish winter coat is on my Christmas list. How have I got so many years without one!? #3…these style posts have really been challenging me too. I love it!

    P.S. Thanks for linking up withe me! 🙂

  4. That necklace is awesome!

  5. I LOVE the coat! I also love that necklace. It looks like your hubby has a knack for picking cool stuff like mine! 🙂
    I just organized my jewelry drawer & was amazed at all the treasures!
    I own a dressy winter coat, despite the fact that I never get to wear it in this darned Sunshine State. The Nebraska Native can’t let go. I almost cried the other day at a boutique over this gorgeous tweed, which I had no earthly justification to purchase.
    PS – I also love silly faces! 😛

    • I’m kind of laughing about the tweed, but you are so right. It would never get worn! I’ve never lived anywhere cold (always been in Bama), but I still love winter coats and scarves.

  6. I am going to try that scarf tie today love it. A good reminder it doesn’t take much to TRY a little with style!

  7. I simply MUST know where you got your coat! It is GORGEOUS!

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