SOC Sunday: The joy of being a mom


OK, you’ll have to forgive me if this week’s SOC Sunday post is borderline nonsensical. Noah got us up around 6:30 this morning, and we’ve been going nonstop since. It’s been a great day, though, and now that my post is done, I’m headed to bed!


I put some thought into what I wanted to write about tonight, and honestly I’m so tired that I sat here for probably longer than I’ll write trying to come up with something.

I think what I want to talk about is what being a mom is like. It’s so hard to explain to someone who has never been here, and even for those of us who have, I guess it’s probably different for everyone.

I guess the biggest thing that I’ve found is that there’s so much more room for love in my heart than I ever realized. And it’s a different kind of love than I’ve ever experienced … or at least a different kind than I’ve ever given. I never really expected to look kindly on someone who basically spit up on me, puked on me, made me change poopie diapers and cried every time he got hungry, but the kid is so darn cute.

And mostly he’s mine. I carried him for nine months. And he looks at me and smiles that sweet smile as if to say that he knows I’m his, too, and it melts my heart. I’m seriously tearing up now just thinking about it. I’m his people, and he’s my people, and we both know it, even if he is just 7.5 months old.

Bobby and I constantly discuss how we are so incredibly fortunate, and it’s really true. He’s a good kid. And I’m learning how to be a good mom. It’s taking a lot of trial and error — particularly when it comes to making food the child will actually eat. Sometimes I get frustrated (like today when he insisted on smearing the carrot-yogurt-banana mixture I made him all over his face and high chair).

But despite the frustrations that come with being a mom, I love him more than I ever thought possible, and I’m so happy to have him.


This was my 5 minute Stream of Consciousness Sunday post. It’s five minutes of your time and a brain dump. Want to try it? Here are the rules…

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4 responses to “SOC Sunday: The joy of being a mom

  1. Thanks, Jesse! I really love that you read and comment. It always makes my morning when I see a blog comment from you!

  2. I’m a March 2011 Mum, too and agree with every word. You say its a different kind of love than you’ve ever given before; this little dude in my arms is teaching me how to love – I truly didnt know how to give it before, ‘cos to give love truly, you have to give you and that’s daunting sometimes.

    Sorry to have rambled, your words made me think 🙂 Hoping you got a good sleep.

  3. Wait until he gets older. Especially as he becomes a little person and can talk to you and look in your eyes and say “I love you, Mommy” and you’ll realize that your capacity to love never stops growing!

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