Thankful Series: Courtney from The Mommy Matters

Thankful series 

Today’s Thankful Series post is from Courtney at The Mommy Matters!

Courtney was a friend of mine from high school who was in the same youth group as me. We weren’t super close because we were a few years apart gradewise, but I can remember beach trips and youth talent shows with her.

I reconnected with her when we became Facebook friends, eventually finding her Twitter and blog. She has come a long way from being a small-town Bama girl to now being a military wife running her own business and the mom of a three-year-old cutie.

Courtney has some great stuff to say about thankfulness and finding it even in the seemingly mundane things. Hope you enjoy, and be sure to stop by and pay her a visit at The Mommy Matters!


Often times when the holidays start to roll around, you start to hear the bubble of voices talking about how thankful they are for friends, family and good health. Wonderful sentiments of love and family and appreciation for the blessings that have been placed within their lives.

All of that is great.

During the holidays, I usually feel the same way: thankful for my husband and my son and the opportunities we’ve been given. Appreciative of the sacrifices that get made day after day so that we can live the life that we live. And gratefulness for chance to choose my own path in life and make my own decisions about who I want to be and what I want to do.

Since I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned that true thankfulness lies in learning to appreciate the seemingly mundane things for all that they are worth:

• The chance to sleep late on a weekend because my husband opts to get up with our son…
• Any opportunity to get out of the house by myself, even if it’s only for a few minutes…
• Taking a shower or bubble bath by myself without tiny hands snatching open the curtain, or a tiny person trying to climb into the bubble bath with me…
• The days when I don’t have to cook…
• Or clean…
• Enjoying long conversations with people who just “get me” and love me for who I am, with no hesitation and no second guesses…
• The silence that comes from a still house and a sleeping toddler. I never knew silence could be so invigorating.
• A dozen roses from my husband “just because…”
• The feel and scent of coffee on a cold morning…

Life is made up of one hundred billion little moments, all strung together to  make up our stories. Taking the time every once in a while to remove ourselves from the big picture and realize how many small things we have to be thankful for, is one of the most refreshing and humbling experiences.

What are you thankful for this holiday season?


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