Free advice for the day: Work isn’t a place to give out tracts

So at my workplace, everyone has a mailbox for internal communication and inter-campus mail. Usually mine is full of various media relations publications from across campus, invitations to art gallery openings and publications from other institutions passed on to me to glean ideas from.

I was pleasantly surprised a few days ago to find a hand-addressed envelope in my box. Unfortunately my pleasure didn’t last long. Here was my thought process, as shared with Bobby on Google chat:

“Aw, a Christmas card … wait a minute. This card is multiple pages. And made of regular paper. And is printed by Guideposts. Dammit.”

Yes. That’s right. Someone slipped me a tract disguised as a Christmas card. AND SIGNED IT.

I asked around, and it turns out this happens every year. Now I’m all for people standing up for their beliefs, but this is all kinds of inappropriate. I have coworkers who are Jewish and coworkers who are atheists, and it’s really something of an invasion of space to thrust this kind of thing upon them under the guise of giving them a nice, thoughtful Christmas (or holiday) card.

It’s also a waste of paper, in my opinion. I am a Christian, and was annoyed at the bait and switch. I’d imagine it’d be that much more annoying to folks who don’t believe the same way. And what kind of “witness” is that?

Edit: I’ve had a few people ask me what a tract is. It’s a religious pamphlet.


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