Working with Style: Some days you just need to wear a hat

The (relatively) cold weather has hit Alabama full force. I was pregnant this time last year, so my winter wardrobe has changed up a good bit from year to year!

Outfit 1

These are actually mostly clothes I bought either during or after pregnancy. Lane Bryant pants, Old Navy sweater and striped T, Liz Lange tank top. I’m a little worried I’m trending back toward my blah-black wardrobe, but at least I have that nice pop of pink here. I’ve got to be honest, though: That pink tank? Has a hole near the hemline. It’s on borrowed time, and I really probably should have already thrown it away. But I love the way it fits! It’s long enough! /whine

Swing coat

This is the Gap swing coat I wore with that same outfit and on another couple of days this week. It’s a gray wool coat, very warm, and I like the length and the shorter sleeves.


And like I said in the title, some days you just need to wear a hat. Definitely had one of those days on Thursday. Didn’t get quite enough sleep and was in a huge rush to get ready because Bobby was dropping me off on his way to work, which meant we needed to leave a little earlier than normal. I got the hat in Chinatown, NYC, a few years ago.

As always,  I’m linking up over at Liberating Working Moms. Stop by and check out the other ladies’ working mom fashion!


2 responses to “Working with Style: Some days you just need to wear a hat

  1. I Love that hat! And you look so cute in it!! I also really like that jacket. I’ve got a nice, classy, warm jacket on my Christmas list this year!

    • Thanks! I always have good luck with Old Navy/Gap coats. Which is good for me since they are less expensive than many options!

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