Blissdom confessions

I’ll just be honest and say I’m posting this because I need reassurance.

I’m feeling so incredibly anxious about Blissdom (for those who don’t know, it’s a blogging conference I’m attending in February in Nashville). I literally said I would be attending Twitter yesterday because I hoped just knowing other people expected me to be there would entice me not to back out of going. I haven’t even officially signed up for it yet, but I’m already getting that terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I don’t think this is regular anxiety. I think it’s PPA-related. I love meeting new people and trying new things.

But as I think about it, I imagine sitting by myself in a roomful of people who are all laughing, who all have things in common, who have met or chatted on Twitter or Skyped before. I think about breaking the “rule” that crying in the bathroom is not allowed. I think about how much I’ll miss Noah and Bobby and that I wish I could just take them both with me.

And the knot from my stomach is in my throat now.

I want to go. Bobby is encouraging me to go. I’ve even had one person (hi, Fadra) already promise me a hug.

But this little voice tells me I’m not cool enough. That people will just be annoyed by my anxiety and nervousness. That I don’t belong there.

And I want to belong there. I want to experience the community everybody who’s been raves about. And I’m afraid I’m going to be the one missing out.


28 responses to “Blissdom confessions

  1. Oh girl, I know it can be tough putting yourself out there! But, there are so many other people doing the same thing. I can tell you there are tons of people who are so friendly and will talk to you when you approach them (@shellthings and I talk to everyone- find me on Twitter, @PorchSwingMom). Just remember who many people are also nervous like you, but that most of them are ready to chat and have fun. (P.S. even the super-fabulous Alli Worthington, the woman behind the conference, stops to say hi. It doesn’t get better than that!)

    • I wish I could just skip the part where I don’t know anyone! I think I would feel better if I knew anyone at all. Hopefully the jitters will die down as the conference draws closer. I want to be excited and to have fun, not sit in a corner and mope.

  2. Go. Definitely go.
    Blissdom is so open and warm. It’s a warm and fuzzy conference.
    Talk to everyone- people want to meet new people!
    If you feel nervous, tweet something like “Can someone meet me by the Red Lobster booth to go to the video session? #blissdomnewbie” and someone will come get you, I promise!
    I’m a Community Leader for newbies- please let me know if you need anything. And you can always find me on twitter as @shellthings

    • Tucking away the idea about tweeting. The idea of talking to/being around so many new people is just a little overwhelming.

  3. Misty-I was exactly where you are last year before & during Blissdom. PPA and everything! I even wrote a post SO similar to this!
    I want you to know I am a Community Leader for Newcomers and I will be getting there Wednesday so tweet me whenever you get there & I will meet you & sit with you & even cry with you in the bathroom if you need. Pinky promise! I had all these thoughts of not being ‘included’ too and it’s not like that at all! I now know a BUNCH of people and I promise to introduce you to whomever you want 😉 Hugs and tweets are coming your way girl! Me and Shell will take good care of you-I promise you this conference isn’t just bloggy-life changing-it’s LIFE-life-changing! Find me on twitter: @creativekristi (I already follow you)

    • I really may take you up on crying in the bathroom. Thanks for sharing your post from last year. It made me feel a little better. I hate having this kind of anxiety, and I definitely never had this before having a baby. It’s such a weird turnaround.

  4. Well, just look at the peeps taking care of you already and i actually met both the lovely Shell and Ashley at Blissdom last year … and now, I love them both dearly and have had lots of fun with them elsewhere.
    Breathe my dear, breathe …
    and see you in about 49 sleeps 🙂

  5. You should come. I felt that way too. And now here I am, attending my THIRD BlissDom as the First Bliss Coordinator! You can do it. I will hold your hand. Literally.

  6. You’ll be great. And if I’ve heard anything about BlissDom, it’s that people feel even more at home there than they’ve felt anywhere. I have the exact same fears, even knowing all of that. I hope I’ll make it there someday. And? I’ll hopefully get to hug you.

  7. Misty,
    I want you to know that when I went to Blissdom last year, I was only a few month out from a major mental breakdown and was still dealing with anxiety I made friends ahead of time by following the blissdom stream, plus I ended up in a condo with 6 women I had never met before in my life! The only negative I had was that I did not room onsite. That made it very difficult to retreat to my room when I needed. I ended up missing the parties the last 2 nights from exhaustion and overwhelmedness from my anxiety. This year I am stronger, but still battle the anxiety. I also made sure to book a room onsite so that if I need to get away for a bit, I can do that without having to get my car from valet and pay $18 again to park or call a cab!
    I think one the biggest things to help you is making friends ahead of time and it is great all the newbie stuff Blissdom is doing this year. Once you get to the newbie meetup, you’ll feel like you are meeting old friends!
    I look forward to meeting you! Going to make sure I am following you on twitter!

  8. Go, go, go! This is my first time and I know absolutely NO ONE! I’m borderline… ummm… TERRIFIED! But I’m going anyway. Hey, maybe I’ll see you there?

  9. Misty,
    I really hope you come to Blissdom. I was in the same boat last year and i had an awesome time.
    If you need someone to talk to at any time during the conference send me a DM on twitter (I’m @wellreadwife). I’ll be happy to hang out.

  10. I hope you come! It is my first Blissdom (and first conference!) and I am both thrilled and terrified. Find me on twitter @angelaamman, and I’ll be sure I’m following you, too 🙂

  11. BlissDom is all about love!

    You are promised a wonderful time. That is why we have the First Bliss
    get together and a whole team of women who are there for everyone that is a newcomer this year.

    When you see me, be warned, I am a bit of a hugger.

    And a crier, but you’ll probably see that at BlissDom. 🙂


    • Well, now I HAVE to go, don’t I? 😉

      Seriously, thank you for stopping by and commenting. It really helps to see some of the Blissdom community rally to support a newcomer like me. I’m still nervous and anxious, but I’m feeling a little better about the whole thing. Now if I can just convince myself that leaving the baby at home isn’t going to kill me …

  12. I would LOVE to meet you and give you a hug!!! It’s my first Blissdom too 🙂 Let’s do this together!!

    • Hugs all around! I will definitely be glad to give you a big hug at Blissdom. I’m actually, kind of, maybe just a little starting to get excited.

  13. I’ll be there too- another first timer! Hope to say hello to you in person : )

  14. Misty,
    You need to come and be in my newbie group. You know I understand! You’re going to be just fine. You’ll see! Blissdom is awesome.
    – Katherine

  15. P.S. Just read through the comments. You WILL know people there. I’ll be there, and @creativekristi will be there. If you know BA from The Heir to Blair (who is also a PPD survivor), she’ll be there. You will not be alone!!
    – Katherine

  16. I am a PPD survivor too, and please know how deeply I get this! I so hope you’ll come, just take it slow and let go. ❤

  17. I just found your post. Its my first Blissdom too! Let me say…scared to death! LOL! We’re going to have a blast. We’re going to have fun! I’ll be at First Bliss too so look for me (@thatcarrie but I don’t get on twitter as much as I “should”…lol)

    Can’t wait to meet you!

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