Noah at 9 months

The kiddo looks less and less like a baby and more and more like a little boy, and it makes this mommy sad.

But he’s getting more and more fun, too. He loves crawling around and exploring. He LOVES the walker his Granny got him for Christmas. And the child loves to eat.

He now has at least five teeth that have come through his gums. He may have more, but it’s next to impossible to tell because he hates having his mouth messed with. We made it through our first major sickness over Christmas and New Year’s — he had bronchiolitis and a double ear infection, but he was still just as sweet and happy as he could be.

Anyway, here’s a cute video of him trying out his walker for the first time!


One response to “Noah at 9 months

  1. He is soo cute. I can’t believe he’s “walking” already. Love the video.

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