If you like it, put a ring on it. But what to do when you hate it?

I’ve been seeing updates about this whole Jay-Z/Beyonce baby business, and I seriously feel sick.

Apparently the music stars rented out a floor on the hospital where Beyonce had her scheduled c-section and felt the need to enact such extreme security measures that families with babies in the hospital’s NICU unit were not allowed to see their children.

As a former NICU mom, I have a hard time even describing how this makes me feel. Infuriated. Anxious all over again. A little lightheaded.

More than anything I feel such heartbreak for families who are already dealing with an incredibly stressful situation having to deal with this shit. Because that’s what it is. Shit.

I think back to when Noah was in the NICU, and we had to wait at a door to be buzzed in just to see him. We weren’t allowed to pick him up at first. I wasn’t allowed to breastfeed him. And then, when I finally was, we walked in to find a nurse we had never even seen before giving him a bottle before his designated feeding time.

We had hardly any control whatsoever over our relationship with our son that first week.

NICU makes you feel like the baby doesn’t even belong to you; it belongs to the hospital. The hospital makes the rules for when you see it, when you can’t see it, when you are allowed to touch it, when you are allowed to feed it. So for someone to be able to place even more of those rules on parents simply for their own comfort is so incredibly unfair.

I don’t care how much money you have or who you are. It’s indecent to allow someone on your payroll to behave that way. And it’s absolutely wrong for the hospital to allow this type of behavior at all just for the sake of money.


2 responses to “If you like it, put a ring on it. But what to do when you hate it?

  1. Amen.
    I think it’s ridiculous.
    You’re famous. We get it.
    But inside you’re just like EVERYONE else.
    It’s called being respectful.
    PS. I loathe Beyonce
    PPS. Who names their kid Blue?

  2. I was very angry when I read about the hospital wing being shut down for this “star couple.” Its a hospital not a hotel. If they wanted that kind of privacy they could afford to have a home birth with all the doctors and medical equipment in place. This screams SELFISH. I can not believe that the hospital would deny families access to their fragile babies for money.

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