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Month in Review: January

At the beginning of the month, I shared some goals I have for this year, so I wanted to give an update on how those are going so far, and I wanted to invite other folks in the blogosphere to do the same. Check out the linky at the bottom if you set some goals in 2012 and would like to share how things are going, ask advice or just get a little accountability as the year progresses!

The great

Submit at least one freelance pitch per month – I submitted pitches to two different places in January. One was a local publication I have an existing freelance relationship with, and I’m currently working on four stories for it. The other was a national website/publication, and I am waiting to hear back if its editors are interested in my idea.

Try one new recipe per week –  In four weeks of January, I cooked FIVE new recipes. That averages out to one per week with an extra thrown in for good measure (You can check out the two kale recipes here and the pasta e fagioli recipe here. I’ll be posting two more new recipes I tried later this week.).

Read two books per month – I read three in January … The Hunger Games trilogy. That definitely gets me off to a good start on my goal of 24 for the year!

The good

Develop and maintain a good budgeting and bill-paying system – It’s a bit of a work in progress, but I did manage to get everything for January on the calendar and make a note when I had paid it. I’ve also been working on a different style of budget that I think may work better for us, especially now that Bobby’s job situation has changed.

Blog at least 75% of days in 2012 (274 out of 365 days) – I’m currently at just over 74% on this, so I’m feeling good about it so far. I hit a lull about mid-January, but I’m recovering!

Spend 15 minutes per night cleaning before bed – Maybe this one is a stretch, but we have made progress on getting our house a little cleaner and keeping it that way. So I’m giving myself a pass, even though the “15 minutes before bed” part has been really hit or miss.

The Bad

Create and stick to a chore chart – Yeeeeeaaaaah. I really haven’t thought about this at all. Oops.

Pay off dentist bill by the end of the year – I made my normal January payment, but it won’t get paid off by the end of the year if I just continue making the minimum payment. Not really sure what I’m going to do to change that, except maybe just budget a little extra toward it when I can.

Finish strategic communication plan at my primary workplace – I felt really bad, actually, because my boss actually asked me about this the other day, and it’s sort of gotten lost in the shuffle since the beginning of the year. He wanted to know if I had something we could send out to some colleagues, and I had to tell him no. I’m planning to take a day later this week to focus solely on that.

Move blog to wordpress.org – I am telling myself this has to be done before Blissdom, but I am not making time to work on it. IT HAS TO BE DONE BEFORE BLISSDOM!

Design it using purchased framework so that I like the way it looks – See previous entry.

The Ugly

Save $1,000 by the end of the year – Ugh. Just ugh. January was not particularly friendly to our budget, and we are still working on being disciplined about it.

Submit at least one piece of work for a professional award – There are basically two sets of awards I would really want to apply for, and the deadline for one passed on Friday. Boo.

Lose 30 pounds – By far, the worst. I’ve gained weight since the beginning of the year. As I’m typing this, my work pants are cutting into my stomach, and I’m rapidly running out of stuff that fits well. So changes are really in order as far as diet and exercise, and I didn’t do anything in January.

Complete one homemade/craft project per month – Ha. Yeah. I was supposed to make pillows. Unless I can figure out how to do that by the end of the day tomorrow, this is not getting done in January, unfortunately.


I’m feeling mostly OK about the way things have gone so far. I’m really pleased about the freelance stuff and the reading, but I’m pretty bummed about the weight gain and the budget stuff. I am glad, though, that I’ve taken time to look back at what I set out to do, because I’d honestly already forgotten some of these, and I have a really good idea of what to focus on in February.

Did you set goals or resolutions at the beginning of the year? Are you writing a monthly recap? I’d love for you to link up so I can read what you’ve been up to, and maybe it’ll help us be accountable, too!

The Family Math

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Note: I had a linky here before, but it wasn’t working right, so if you want to link up, just add your link in the comments. Thanks!


Working with Style: Bits and pieces

For my Working with Style post this week, I just wanted to highlight a few of my favorite things I wore.

Fave scarf

This is my all-time favorite scarf, from Old Navy. I love the bright colors, and it’s great for bringing a little excitement to an otherwise sort of boring outfit.

Blue hoodie outfit

Like I said last week, these are some of my favorite work/dressy pants. I like playing around with combining sort of casual items like this cotton hoodie with more business-y items like the pants. I can’t get away with wearing jeans to work (except on Fridays), so this is a good compromise in my mind. The pants are Lane Bryant, and the hoodie and tank are from Old Navy. I’m also wearing the mother-child pendant Bobby gave me for my birthday earlier this year.

Ruffled Shirt

I have to be pretty picky about my button-up blouses, but I really like this one a lot. I like the ruffle and the stripe (which is sort of hard to see in this photo), and I like how lightweight the material is. Another comfy bit of workwear!

I’m linking up today with Liberating Working Moms for Working with Style!

Top PIN Tuesday: Holiday spirit?

Tuesday has rolled around again, so it’s time to share some of my favorite pins from this week! I actually got around to cooking the beer chili that was on my list last week, and it turned out great. Review coming tomorrow!

This week’s pins are a good mix of funny, food and baby. Did I just sum up my life in three words? Maybe.

  1. Book Fort, pinned on For the Kiddo. Bobby was basically drooling over this, and honesty so was I. This looks like such a fun idea, and we totally have enough books in our house to do it for ourselvesNoah.

  2. All different kinds of caramel apples, pinned onParty Har Har. Could there possibly be a better fall party idea than this? I want to get my friends together for a shindig just to have a caramel apple bar with all these toppings. Or maybe I’ll just skip inviting the friends. Hmm…
  3. Roasted Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese Croutons, pinned on Food Stuffs. OMG. Seriously. OMG. This is basically one of those things I could happily eat every day for the rest of my life.
  4. Stop Clubbing, Baby Seals!, pinned on It Made Me Laugh. Pretty self-explanitory. Go look at the picture.
  5. Slow-Cooker Creamy Chicken With Biscuits, pinned on Food Stuffs. Chicken pot pie in the slow cooker. This will win me major brownie points with Bobby.
  6. Apple Cider Margaritas, pinned on Party Har Har. Great for warming up on a cold night. I love apple cider. I love tequila. How could this possibly be a bad thing?
  7. Stovetop Christmas potpourri, pinned on

    Christmas. Yeah, that’s right. It’s not even Halloween, and I’m already thinking about Christmas. Mess with me about it, and I will cut you. The Christmas board is my latest and greatest, and this is my favorite thing I’ve pinned so far. My heart feels happy thinking about the warm smells that will fill my house when I try this!

  8. What does John have?, pinned on It Made Me Laugh. I’ll go ahead and ruin it for you. Question: John has 32 candy bars. He eats 28. What does he have now? Answer: Diabetes. John has diabetes.
  9. Krispy Kreme doughnut muffins, pinned on Just Desserts. I have been jonesing for hot now Krispy Kreme doughnuts ever since the tornado blew the one in town away on April 27. I have the stuff to make these, and I may just do it tonight. I will post a review if I do!
  10. Garland 10 different ways, pinned on One. Yes, more Noah birthday stuff. I don’t want to spend a bazillion dollars, especially for a birthday he won’t remember, but I would like to do something like this as an inexpensive but fun decoration!

Interested in seeing more of my pins? You can find me here on Pinterest!

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Top Ten {Tuesday}

Wordless Wednesday – A morning at the office

Wordless Wednesday - Messy desk

Wordless Wednesday - Noah photo

Wordless Wednesday - Dilbert

Wordless Wednesday - Coffee

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Still-Life Standouts – July 2011

Still Life Standouts

I don’t really take a whole lot of still-life shots these days (mostly Noah!), but I thought this was a fun link-up, so I found a still-life shot from this month to use!

 Sangria - edited

This is a shot I took of the sangria Melissa made for the girls’ tapas party earlier this month. I love how the orange immediately grabs your attention. Makes me a little thirsty!