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Noah vs. the pizza slice

Hint: Noah wins.


The Noah update

A common occurrence: Noah is reaching for my phone.

I was trying to think of blog topics for this week and realized it’s actually been quite a while since I posted an update just about Noah.

Honestly, the kid is amazing. He’s closing in on 8 months old, and he is sweet, adorable and, most importantly, happy.

Developmentally, he seems to be right on track. He’s crawling (mostly an army crawl but occasionally on hands and knees) and pulling up on things. We’ve already had to lower his crib once and are about to have to lower it all the way. He makes lots of sounds, both consonants and vowels, and loves to jabber.

He has started recognizing his own name, and he plays little games. One of his favorite things to do is smack his lips. We smack ours back, and he smacks again. Sometimes Bobby or I can initiate this game. He also loves to do what I call the “Indian noise” (yes, I know that’s probably not a good thing to call it, but I can’t think of anything else); he makes a noise while one of us pats his mouth with our hand.

Art from Noah's day care

As far as size, he hasn’t been measured since his six-month well baby visit to Dr. B, but he’s definitely still growing. He’s started to slim down some since he started crawling more, but he also seems to be getting taller. We are going to need to buy a new car seat for him soon!

He’s getting more and more hair, and he now has two teeth. He really enjoys eating solids, and his favorites are probably still carrots and green beans. Lately I’ve tried making some purees for him, and they’ve gotten mixed reviews from Noah. The best seems to be the banana-yogurt mixture, but he hates pureed carrots that I make. I’ve tried adding a little butter and salt, and that seems to help.

We’ve also been giving Noah more table foods since he shows a lot of interest and LOVES sitting at the table with us while we eat. We had Thanksgiving dinner with friends on Sunday, and Noah got to try butternut squash soup, mashed potatoes, green beans and a few tiny bites of turkey. He ate it up. I’d say the mashed potatoes and turkey were his favorites.

Foot turkey!

Noah also really seems to be thriving in his day care. He loves being around all the other kids, and he (thankfully) hasn’t hit a clingy stage where he doesn’t want us to leave him there. I really hope we won’t have to deal with that at all! I think being around the other kids (and being one of the younger kids in his class) actually helps him developmentally, too.

So that’s sort of where Noah is right now. He’s really at a fun age and a lot of fun to be around. I won’t be surprised if he’s walking within the next two months. It’s so weird how fast time is going and how fast he’s growing, so Bobby and I are trying to soak it all in and enjoy every moment!

Wordless Wednesday: New coat (and Mommy gets in on the action)

WW1 10-26

WW2 10-26

WW3 - 10/26

WW4 - 10-26

Get this: The coat? It was $6 on clearance at The Gap! Obviously (based on the last picture), Noah can’t believe it either.

Noah “crawling”!

OK, so it’s more of an army crawl, but it’s definitely progress! If you aren’t into suspense, skip ahead to about 2:14 for the best part.

First of what hopefully won’t be many …

Well, we hit a milestone with Noah this weekend I would have just as soon put off until much later. At least it’s out of the way?

Around 3 a.m. Sunday morning, I heard Noah whining through the monitor. Usually we will let him cry for a minute, and he goes right back to sleep, but after a couple of minutes, I decided that wouldn’t be the case this time.

I went into his room and patted him on the bottom, which is how we typically get him back to sleep in instances like this when he’s unable to soothe himself. Still crying, so I thought maybe he’d wet through his diaper.

I picked him up, and he was soaked … from sweat. He was burning up, and his breathing sounded really shallow and labored. It was more than a little scary. I turned on the lights, and his poor little eyes looked dull and a little swollen. I got Bobby up, and we stripped him out of his fleece sleeper and got a cool washcloth to try and cool him down. When we checked his temperature it was 102.8, so we made the call to go on to the emergency room.

Strangely I think I was a little calmer than Bobby about all this. He zoomed to the hospital, which is thankfully just a few minutes from our house, while I sat in the back with Noah.

We got to the ER around 3:30, and the nurses checked us in and sent us straight back to triage. They didn’t mess around with a baby with a high fever, and I was really thankful for it. His temp was up slightly to 102.9 at the hospital, so they went ahead and gave him some baby tylenol to start bringing it down. We waited a few minutes in the triage area before being escorted to a room.

The wait in the room was surprisingly short given our past experiences at this particular hospital, but again, they apparently don’t mess around when a baby’s involved. The doctor looked him over and let us know that he had an ear infection in one ear, fluid behind his eardrum (but no infection) in the other ear, an upper respiratory infection and a yeast infection in his diaper area.

Even though it ended up being nothing major, Bobby and I agreed that we were glad we went ahead to the hospital. Feeling Noah burning up and hearing his strained breathing in the dark of the 3 a.m. hour was really frightening for both of us, but we made a quick decision and took action. We’re actually growing into this whole parenting thing, I think.

Here are a few videos we took while we were waiting for the doctor. Just further proof that we have a great kid whose happy even when he’s sick and running a crazy high temp.

We ended up making it home around 6, and Noah got back up at 7, so yesterday was pretty much a sleep-deprived blur. We all got some good rest last night, though, and Noah is feeling better today!

SOC Sunday: Ramblings


This is my first attempt at a Stream of Consciousness Sunday post, and it was a little scary. I made it through, though, and I think putting myself … including a few imperfections … out there like this is good for me. So here it goes!


I have to admit to being a little nervous about doing this whole stream of consciouslness writing thing. I find myself wanting to stop, think, edit. Because that’s what I do. I’m an editor.

I’m sitting here on a Sunday morning, watching Noah roll around in the floor, just kind of reveling in how good life. is. I’ve got some music on, and I think about how this is sort of a form of having church.

And now I’m stuck again. Seriously, this stream of consciouness thing is hard! I’m such a perfectionist and always have been. When I was a kid, I can remember very clearly loving being right and knowing things. My mom and Meemaw teased me by calling me Miss Correct-all. I think Correctol (sp?) was some sort of anti-constipation mediicne. Or something. Miss Correct-All was definitely not a compliment, and it made me thinkg that maybe being smart and knowing thinggs wasn’t such a great thing after all.

That’s sort of sad in many ways, because I was a fairly smart kid. I had an interest in knowing more and reading and writing and being imaginitive. I sort of miss those days. I rarely find time to read these days, and I want to. I sit down to write, and the words don’t come as freely as they used to. I’m scared of making mistakes, soudning stupid, not being good enough.

Welp, that’s pretty sad. And again, I’m finding myself getting lost for words. I just checked the timer and am cursing the fact that I’m a fast typer. Now I’m getting a little lost in the song that’s playing on iTunes, and it’s making writing a little more difficult.

Noah is playing with a book. I hope that he loves to read like I did when I was a kid, and like his dad still does now. I want him to know that knowing things and being creative and really just being a kid are valuable things that he shouldn’t feel bad about. I think a lot about the way I want to do things differently from what I experienced as a kid, but it’s hard. And my five minutes is up.


This was my 5 minute Stream of Consciousness Sunday post. It’s five minutes of your time and a brain dump. Want to try it? Here are the rules…

  • Set a timer and write for 5 minutes only.
  • Write an intro to the post if you want but don’t edit the post. No proofreading or spellchecking. This is writing in the raw.
  • Publish it somewhere. Anywhere. The back door to your blog if you want. But make it accessible.
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  • Visit your fellow bloggers and show some love.

Wordless Wednesday: Rockin’ his Roll Tide hat



Reaching for the camera … this is a common thing nowadays. He wants EVERYTHING!


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