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Wordless Wednesday: Rubber ducky, you’re the one

Noah ducky 3

Noah ducky 2

Noah with ducky


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Wordless Wednesday: It’s a baby in a sombrero!

Baby in a sombrero

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Wordless Wednesday: My two favorite guys

Bobby and Noah 3 - 12/7/11

Bobby and Noah 2 - 12/7/11

Bobby and Noah - 12/7/11

Bobby and Noah 4 - 12/7/11

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Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Who needs toys anyway?!

(His Granny swore he wouldn’t be able to get the clip off that half-full chip bag. We see how that turned out. It was hilarious!)

Wordless Wednesday: New coat (and Mommy gets in on the action)

WW1 10-26

WW2 10-26

WW3 - 10/26

WW4 - 10-26

Get this: The coat? It was $6 on clearance at The Gap! Obviously (based on the last picture), Noah can’t believe it either.

Wordless Wednesday: Rockin’ his Roll Tide hat



Reaching for the camera … this is a common thing nowadays. He wants EVERYTHING!


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Wordless Wednesday: Green beans and carrots


Green beans and carrots

Om nom nom

I want to do it!